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It has been a long journey. Starting it off as my hobby of designing and manufacturing different types of smokers available around the world (offsets smokers, vertical insulted reverse flow, vertical direct flow, pellet smokers, and others like barrel smoker, etc), Experimenting and Barbecuing with regional woods and meats available. Now it has been more than 6 years since we have started this journey of introducing and most importantly creating awareness regarding ‘Authentic Wood Smoked Meat’ with the major focus on American Texas BBQ.

FLASHBACK (Start till Present)

2013 we designed & manufactured our first Texas-style offset smoker for Family & Friends.

2015 we designed & manufactured our first big vertical insulted reverse flow smoker which we used for Multan & Lahore city for more than 2 years (2016-2018).

2017 we designed & manufactured our first 200-gallon offset smoker.

2018-2019 we participated in almost every food festival and roadshows in Multan & Islamabad city (Coke Festivals, Soul Festivals, Winter fete, Ary Festival, Islamabad EAT, Islamabad Taste, PFOWA Charity Bazaar, etc).

2019 we became the first American Texas Style BBQ restaurant serving 3 major cities (Lahore – Islamabad – Multan).

2020 we sold our first Vertical Insulted Reverse Flow Smoker. Model: VRFS 1800.

2021 we became the first restaurant serving Texas Style Low & Slow BBQ, along with cured deli meats and Traditional European Sausages.

At this point in time, with the grace of Allah and our R&D, we have been able to launch our ‘Deli Meats’ (pastrami, corned beef) as well as ‘Authentic Traditional European Sausages’ along with ‘Texas Style BBQ’ for serious meat lovers!!!

Beef Brisket*, Beef Ribs*, Handcrafted European Sausages, Pastrami, Corned Beef & Beef Tenderloin, Whole Chicken & Customized Orders.*Cook time for Brisket & Ribs is 14-15 hours.

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