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Welcome to Big Daddy Smoke House. Home to Modern BBQ.

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American Texas Style BBQ

The Home Of Modern BBQ

Quality Assurance

At BIGDADDY SMOKEHOUSE we specialize in handpicking premium quality meat & infusing them with our special blend of herbs and spices.

Premium Seasoning

Through bringing and seasoning which takes 24-48 hours in the pursuit of tenderness and flavor before they go into our customized smoke pits.

Hot & Fresh Delivery

We are committed to treating our customers like friends doing our best to make sure you enjoy smoking hot meat delivered at their doorstep.

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American Texas Style BBQ

Wood Smoked Beef

Smoked With Care in The Heart Of Pakistan

Our 3 step process warrants delivery of hand picked meat,
crafted with premium herbs, steaming hot to your doorstep.


Selection of hand picked premium quality meat.


Seasoned with our homemade spices & herbs.


Smoked with love using premium cured wood logs.

Premium Handcrafted European Sausages

Traditional Beef Sausages

  • Vacuum Packaging

  • Hygienically Monitored

  • Professional Cuts

How it all started?

In 2013 we designed & manufactured our first Texas style offset smoker for Family & Friends and the journey started. We became Pakistan's first American BBQ restaurant serving Lahore, Islamabad & Multan city.


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Orders Served Nationwide.

Taste The Best In Town

Deli Meats


Proven Quality

Smoked to Perfection

Quality Warranted

  • Temperature
  • Laboratory
  • Antibacterial

AT BIGDADDY SMOKEHOUSE All of our meats are hand rubbed with our special blends of herbs and spices, cured overnight, and most of the meats are smoked for over 12 hours in our own custom designed Pits (Smokers) to make them tender, moist & Delicious & TO MAKE SURE YOU GET best Authentic wood smoked meat experience every time.

Hand Picked Chicken

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What our clients say

Absolutely amazing!!! Super soft melt in your mouth meat full of deep smokey flavours but not overpowering the beef, you guys have hit the nail on the head with the.

Robert Burns (SCAFA)

Calling all meat lovers in Lahore. I have NEVER had better beef brisket than 'BIGDADDY SMOKEHOUSE'. Succulent, smoked to perfection & melt in your mouth.

Shafaq Javed

Amazing Beef Ribs & Beef Brisket. Yummy Food!!!

Juggan Kazim

Best smoked chicken fillets in town! Love love love this!!! Thank you so much!

Muniba Mazari

Thank you for the Smoked Ribs. They were tender, juicy & falling off the bone, YUM!!!

Tariq Amin Official

It was very tender and had excellent taste. Keep it up!!!

Rina’s Kitchenette

Excellent cooked brisket. Extremely soft & juicy. Would definitely recommend & will order again. Keep it up!!

Omer Masood

Ufff tooo good!! lol, my entire family & I attacked the meat :P.  Keep up the excellent work. My family & I are obsessed!!!

Mehak Amir

Amazing food Alhamdulillah. All the chicken and half of the beef were gone before dinner. We enjoyed every bite. May Allah put more barakah in your venture.

Anam Akram

Brilliant food, very flavorful. My family & friends have gone gaga over your food. Have shared your number with a couple of friends. Keep it up!!!

Shahbaz Safdar

The meat is just incredible. Very tender & juicy and the taste is delicious. So excited to add them to our platters!!

Boîte à Plateaux

Hand down the best beef ribs I have ever had!  For meat lovers in Lahore, this is a must-try!!!

Momina Tariq

Absolutely loved it, the meat was really tender as I prefer, close to a melted texture. It was pretty similar to the brisket that I had in Texas.

Bake o’clock

Hugee shout out! Best smoked meat ever! You guys have outdone yourself, seriously! I don't eat meat but it was falling off the bone. My family is super Happy!

The Mad Chef

Despite not being a big meat eater, smoked ribs were amazing & to die for! Highly Recommended!!!

Mahvish Ahmad

Good Lord..!!! Out of this world..!!!! Have not had meat so succulent and melt in the mouth in Pakistan ever. Special delivery all the way from Multan..!!!

Maheen Kardar

The meat was very juicy and mouthwatering. The portions were very large and I have never tasted this kind of meat in Pakistan EVER!!!!

Farooq Kamran

One of the finest grilled beef I have tried in a while. Cooked slow to perfection. The beef melts in your mouth like cheese. A lot of input by the owner.

Zohaib Saleem

Big Daddy knows its meat. The most tender brisket I have ever had. And even better beef ribs that were perfectly seasoned and melt-in-your-mouth soft.

Taimur Akhtar

The best smoked meat I ever had!!! You guys are doing are a great job. Loved my food.

Nageen Kamran

The succulent and perfectly seasoned beef brisket and ribs. Don’t miss out if you’re in Multan or visiting!

Sobia Nusrat

In the last three months, we have eaten almost nothing from outside. The only thing that seemed hygienic enough was BigDaddy Smokehouse. The taste was incredible, nothing.

Ali Hammad Raza

Frequently Asked Questions?

Do you have questions?

Not sure about where to start?

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our appreciated clients.

We deliver in 4 cities of Pakistan (Multan – Lahore – Islamabad – Faisalabad).

You can place an order on our website by simply adding items to the cart. In addition, orders taken on our website qualify for special promotions and discounts.

Direct Bank Transfer & Jazz Cash

We only deliver on Saturdays. Bookings are taken throughout the week.

Cooked smoked meats are immediately stored in heavily insulated boxes ready to be delivered fresh and hot to our valuable customers.

We proudly say that we use region-wide woods from all over Pakistan to smoke our meat products. This sets us apart from our competitors with smoked meat cooked in our premium apple and cherry wood.

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OUR PROCESS AT BIGDADDY SMOKEHOUSE All of our meats are hand rubbed with our special blends of herbs and spices, cured overnight and most of meats are …