Smokers & Pits

With so many choices out there in the international market, it is not just about the name brand anymore. Do the research, and you will see. Big Daddy’s Smokers has the most durable and efficient designs on the market.

Our high-temperature gasket on the firebox and the cooking chamber doors seals in the smoke and keeps it where it’s supposed to be. When the doors are shut, the smoke only comes out where it’s designed to–the smokestack. That makes this the perfect smoker for the outdoor kitchen, enclosed trailers, and any outdoor social areas where you don’t want a lot of smoke, but want the world-class flavour of BBQ Smoking.

We use premium quality ceramic wool insulation on all six sides of the smoker, maintaining temperature has never been easier in the rain or cold weather. Also, the body is double-walled inside and out (recommended), 1/8″ (11 gauge) thick virgin steel (firebox) and 5/64″ (14 gauge) Cooking Chamber, fully welded and seamless for extra durability and strength. We also built in a stainless steel liquid reservoir for adding moist heat and flavour with a heavy-duty ball valve for draining and cleaning. Also included is a slide out fire grate for convenience and easy firebox clean-up.

A wonderful side effect of our insulated, seamless construction technique, is that the pit does not get too hot to touch when using it. This means we don’t have to use our high-heat black BBQ paint! We are able to epoxy primer the BBQ Vault and paint it with auto enamel with any colour from our standard colour chart. Feel free to inquire about other custom colours.

Optional (Only Outside Wall)For cost-saving, we recommend going for thin sheet metal (22-26 gauge) with riveting (only for the outside wall). The Ceramic wool insulation helps to maintain the temperature inside. Inside walls for firebox (11 gauge) thick virgin steel and cooking chamber (14 gauge) thick virgin steel is kept same.