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We have partnered with one of the finest restaurants in town to deliver quality oriented meat products.

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    We are pleased to announce that we are now open officially for supplying our authentic wood-smoked meat for restaurants, cafes, and bakeries. We specialize in not just smoking meat to perfection but we also know our smokers well. Our smokers are designed by our Pitmaster and manufactured (fabricated) by our team in house. We understand all dynamics regarding smoker design, meat selection, wood selection, and the whole process of curing, seasoning, and smoking meat. You can custom develop your own wood smoked meat flavor profile. Otherwise, our signature secret spice blend would be good to go with.

    We can help the food businesses to develop smoked meat products/menu items with the use of our AUTHENTIC WOOD SMOKED AMERICAN – TEXAS STYLE BARBEQUE, DELI MEATS & AUTHENTIC TRADITIONAL EUROPEAN SAUSAGES.

    Current B2B Products
    1. Beef Brisket.
    2. Beef Ribs.
    3. Beef Tenderloin.
    4. Beef Cheeks.
    5. Chicken Breast Fillets.
    6. Beef Pastrami.
    7. Corned Beef.
    8. European Sausages.

    Few Smoked Meat Menu Products for Reference

    • Top baked potatoes with brisket, salsa, and cheese.
    • BBQ Brisket Pizza.
    • Flautas, tacos, burritos, enchiladas.
    • Serve with huevos rancheros or add to an omelet with onions and peppers.
    • Smoked Brisket Breakfast Tacos.
    • Texas BBQ Brisket Nachos.
    • Brisket and Sausage Frito Pie.
    • Smoked Beef Brisket Benedict.
    • Brisket Tacos with Triple Salsa.
    • Smoked Beef Brisket and Corn Chowder.
    • Brisket Stuffed Poblano with Queso.
    • BBQ Nachos.
    • Green Chile Mac and Cheese with Texas BBQ Brisket.
    • Glazed Burnt End Chocolate Chip Cookie.
    • Brisket Grilled Cheese Sandwich.
    • Breakfast Brisket Hash.
    • Breakfast Quesadillas.
    • Smoked Brisket Shepherd’s Pie with Jalapeno Cheddar.
    • Brisket Stroganoff.
    • Leftovers Cottage Pie.
    • Smoked Beef Brisket Chilli.
    • Sweet and Spicy Brisket Baked Beans & many others.
    • Beef brisket quesadillas with spicy jalapeño Jack cheese.

    Sides that complements Smoked Meat are as following

    • Mac & Cheese.
    • Creamed Corn.
    • Steamed Asparagus.
    • Dinner Rolls.
    • Corn Pudding.
    • Baked Beans.
    • Scalloped Potatoes.
    • Brussels Sprouts.
    • Grilled Potato Skins.
    • Corn on the Cob.

    • For Order Bookings Please Call +92 309 5820397